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Welcome to our Blog

We are happy to connect with you and we hope that you are excited to hear from us about what we have been doing and what we are planning in the weeks and months ahead!

First off, we would like to announce that we have moved! We are now located at 40 Bathurst Drive Waterloo, Ontario. Our team member Dan Williams was able to find this space for us and with this, there is no doubt that we will collaborate even better as a team and have new and exciting things coming your way even faster.

On this note, if you are looking for collaboration space please contact Dan (

Tech News

On a Technical note, JRS Virtual Studio who is our Software Development partner is making exciting progress on the TAMVOES System and continues to reach above and beyond our expectations each time we meet with them. We are unbelievably excited for you to see what has been happening behind the scenes and get your profiles going! Software security and risk analysis are continuing to be top of mind and a large part of our product development architecture.

Look forward to further updates and news around Cyber Security in future Newsletters.

Funding News

TAMVOES has obtained a loan from Community Futures Huron to support the pre-commercialization phase – including product design and testing. Community Futures Huron is a local non-profit organization with a mandate to strengthen, grow and enhance the local economy. Financing new and innovative technologies is a key part of that mandate. This early-stage support acknowledges their long-time commitment to healthcare and personal well-being services as a major economic driver in rural Ontario.

Our Latest Interactions

TAMVOES was invited by Minister Lisa Thompson – Ministry of Government and Consumer Services – to take part in a Digital Data Strategy Roundtable held in Stratford. This meeting included individuals from across many different sectors who came together to discuss the solution needed for safe data storage. This meeting has fueled more motivation from the team and given us reassurance in the need for a central data storage system such as TAMVOES. At the round table there were many discussions about cyber security and the solutions which pertain to this. As we know that security is a top priority for TAMVOES, it was very beneficial to have our team members there as a part of the Provincial discussion regarding this.

Members of our team recently had the privilege of sharing TAMVOES with the President and CEO, Matt Vijayan, Owner and COO, Angie Kunnath as well as Associate Director, Nathan Greenlay of Home Care Assistance. We learned a lot from our meeting and further validated that we are on track to building a much-needed product within healthcare and person well-being. Home Care Assistance provides support for seniors living at home as well as in other Retirement or Long-Term Care locations. While learning about the services they provide throughout the Waterloo Region and part of the GTA, it became quite evident that their impact on the individual’s they serve is greatly appreciated. It wasn’t hard to see that they are extremely passionate about what they do, and this truly makes a world of a difference when providing the services that they do. The TAMVOES team would like to thank each of you for your support of our project and your insight about the unique aspects of your profession.

The TAMVOES team was also able to present to select individuals at BDO and CIBC in Waterloo who gave us valuable feedback about our Investment pitch as well as aspects of our Business Model. Each of these individuals have had a lot of exposure to companies looking to raise capital; from large companies looking for further investment to many smaller companies such as TAMVOES who are looking for early-stage investment to get our product up and running.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to our pitch and provide your valuable feedback.  We will be meeting with other individuals who have experience raising capital for early stage companies in the coming weeks as we continue to strategize our growth plans.

Further Updates

  • On October 22 we held our first Focus Group in Huron County with several individuals who gave us great feedback as well as confidence in what we are doing
    • Thank you to Huron East for providing us with space in the Municipality Office to host this group
  • We are looking to have our next session in the beginning of December when TAMVOES is usable so that individuals can create their profiles and start to populate their Journal
    • Any interest in participating in these sessions is welcomed and should be directed towards
  • Check out our informative video and learn what TAMVOES can do for you!

We hope to be in touch again early in the New Year. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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