Blog #2

One month into 2020: Here’s what we’ve done so far

We hope you are as excited as we are about what the future holds for TAMVOES! We are thrilled to be updating you on what we have accomplished so far this year and what we will be doing in the weeks and months to come. From our Focus Groups to our Merchandise and Product Development, we have been accelerating quickly into the New Year.

Focus Group – Testing our Beta Product

Two of our members showing the focus group participants how to register and login to TAMVOES!

First and foremost, we continue to hold Focus Groups throughout Huron County and Waterloo Region. We had many people beta-testing and learning how to use the website, while giving us feedback for future improvements of the product. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those of you who attend these evaluative events. Your feedback is immensely valuable to us as we always put the customer first. We have been implementing your feedback to improve our website and make it more effective, efficient and user friendly.

Furthermore, as we continue to host more focus groups, if you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact, our Senior Project Manager. We would love to receive your feedback on our product!

From Pens to Bags, TAMVOES Now Has a Collection of Sleek Merchandise

As TAMVOES continues to come to life, we collectively decided that it is time for us to design merchandise for our audience. Stay tuned for a social media giveaway, where you can enter to win awesome merchandise prizes! Follow our social media accounts (at bottom of this page) to stay updated.

If you are interested in getting TAMVOES merchandise, our Lead of this Marketing Apparel Project, Sayma, would be more than happy to assist you at

Our Latest Interactions

We were pleased to have had the opportunity to attend The Big Push – Pitch and Pair Event run by TD Bank. This event showcased the top 10 company participants, giving them each the opportunity to pitch their ask to a crowd of dedicated business and technology professionals. Focused on women-led technology companies, we were able to network with many driven and ambitious female entrepreneurs.

After attending this event, we are motivated to participate in more business pitching and company networking events. In doing so, we will be able to share our innovative ideas at TAMVOES with a wide range of people. Stay tuned to see where we go!

Future Plans of TAMVOES: What We Have in Store for you

We are enthusiastic about the progress that TAMVOES is making. Our goal is to ensure that all of our users are able to to manage many aspects of their lives on one secure platform. Whether this be maintaining your medication doses, your legal forms or your financial adviser meetings, we have you covered. You will be able to connect with your Professional Team, including your medical professionals, lawyers, advisors and more. We are thrilled to have you all join us on our TAMVOES journey. We will be continuing to hold focus groups, attend startup/business events, produce merchandise and implement high-level security into the database of our product.

Connect with us!

For more exciting updates, follow us on our social media accounts!

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