We are incredibly excited to announce the soft launch of TAMVOES! We have been working hard year-round on this platform and cannot wait for everyone to use it. We are ready to begin this new chapter for TAMVOES and are thrilled for you to join us for the ride.

“I can already tell that this is a diamond in the rough.”

Rick, Marketing Specialist

Have you been recording your temperature daily or trying to remember the day when you had a scratch in your throat? Wish you could share this data and information with a family member or Professional? Worried about your young children or elder parents during this time? Keep reading below to find out how TAMVOES can alleviate this stress and leave you more time to spend with your family.

Keep your information updated on My Health Profile

My Health Profile allows you to fill out an in-depth form regarding your health. It keeps track of your basic information, your vitals, allergies, past surgeries and much more. It also includes cool features like graphing your the pattern of your blood pressure, temperature and others. This profile can be shared with your loved ones who help take care of you, or a medical professional so they can save time on filling forms and spend more time helping you stay healthy.

Record everything in your Journal

Looking for a place to document your symptoms, appointments and reminders? The Journal is a safe and secure location for these and more. Regarding medical, legal, financial, real estate and personal information, store everything you need in your Journal. TAMVOES also allows you to create a Dependent’s Journal and Medical Profile for your children or manage the accounts of your elderly parents. It has never been so easy to stay informed about those closest to you.

Keep everything safe in your Personal Data Trust

In brief, TAMVOES is a website that can hold all of your information. You can keep all of your appointments and reminders on one secure platform. Moreover, your information can be visible to whoever you like, whether it be your loved ones or other professionals like specific doctors, lawyers, or realtors. This can be useful if you need to share our medical record with a pharmacist, or an appointment with a family member. Overall, this secure system keeps your data organized and in your control.

Join us on TAMVOES

Now that you know all about the features that TAMVOES offers, what are you waiting for? Register today! We cannot wait for you to start your TAMVOES journey.

For more information, email info@tamvoes.com

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