TAMVOES Video Series

We have been working hard to create a library of videos to teach you not only more about the features of TAMVOES, but also what inspired the creation of TAMVOES. We hope these videos give you a better understanding of what TAMVOES can do for you and the specific problems TAMVOES is trying to solve.

The Inspiration behind TAMVOES

You ever wonder what the name TAMVOES means? It comes from the two women who inspired its creation. Both Tina Tamming and Yvonne Devoest have suffered because of problems with communication and personal information sharing within the healthcare industry. It was their stories that sparked the idea behind TAMVOES. As you can see from the bolded text, the name TAMVOES comes from the combination of both their last names. Watch the videos below to learn about each of their stories.

Tina needed a way to be able to store her personal information all in one easily accessible place. TAMVOES was created so she could easily store her information as well as share this information conveniently with loved ones’.

Yvonne’s difficult journey between many doctors and medical professionals showcases many issues with communication and information sharing within the healthcare industry. TAMVOES is dedicated to working towards eliminating burdensome medical journeys just like Yvonne’s.

Maddy Teaches Us About The Features of TAMVOES

Who better to teach us about the features and uses of TAMVOES than one of the co-founders, Maddy! Learn how the health profile works, how symptoms and vitals are tracked and how you can share personal information with TAMVOES. To learn more about how TAMVOES works check out the video’s!

The Health Profile will allow users to keep track of often forgotten aspects of their personal information like immunization history. Watch the video below to learn more about the TAMVOES Health Profile.

TAMVOES will not only allow users to log their vitals and symptoms, but will also highlight trends and abnormalities in recordings. Individuals will be made more aware of red flags, like spikes in blood pressure. Learn more about how TAMVOES tracks symptoms and vitals in the video below.

Do you ever feel uninformed on the health or wellbeing of your loved ones? TAMVOES will allow users to easily update family and friends on their holistic health and wellbeing. To learn how to share information in TAMVOES check out the video!

We hope that these videos taught you more about TAMVOES and gave you a better understanding of why it was created. More videos are coming soon, so be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see them. We are interested in your feedback about TAMVOES and by signing up for a quick beta-testing session, you can help us improve TAMVOES.

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