TAMVOES Roadmap : Future Features

The TAMVOES soft launch features only showcase a portion of what will soon be available. We are continuously adding new features and when it comes to the functionality of TAMVOES, the sky is the limit. We hope you have been enjoying using your TAMVOES profile so far and appreciate your patience as we continue to build out the site. In this update I will be giving you a sneak peak of a what some future features of TAMVOES will look like.

1. The Personal Data Trust

One of the hallmark features of TAMVOES is set to be released soon! The Personal Data Trust is your go to place to store important information from all aspects of your life. Whether it is electronic health records, financial statements or real estate documents, you can be confident that all your important documents are securely stored. We use secure socket layers (SSL), which is equivalent to the security you find in our Canadian banking system to ensure your data is secure. It is often hard to quickly access important information when your in a pinch. The Personal Data Trust consolidates and organizes information, so no matter what information you need, you have quick access to it. You will have the ability to store a wide range or file types and sizes. You also have the ability to easily share files from your Personal Data Trust with both professionals and loved ones. The Personal Data Trust is the perfect place to secure and share all the important information in your life.

early look at the Personal Data Trust

2. Calendar

The TAMVOES calendar is where you go to organize your busy schedule. The calendar automatically integrates with your TAMVOES Journal, so if you add a doctors appointment to your journal it will automatically show up in your calendar and vice versa. Different coloured borders allows you to separate events like healthcare vs personal events. You are also able to see events that members of your ‘My Team’ page have shared with you. These could be events from either professionals or loved ones. The TAMVOES calendar also makes it easy to export events to your Google calendar. The photo below is an early look at what the TAMVOES Calendar looks like!

early look at the calendar

3. TAMVOES Professional Site

A version of TAMVOES specifically for professionals is under development. We wanted to make it easier for individuals to connect with their doctors, lawyers, etc. on TAMVOES. Instead of getting mixed up with sending and receiving all your important files through email, easily request, receive and send files through TAMVOES. Sharing information through TAMVOES with professionals is more secure than other file sharing methods. After organizations register their company on TAMVOES, they provide access codes to employees to add them as members of the organization. The professional site allows employees within approved organizations to manage and share information with all of their clients. TAMVOES has always been focused on empowering the ‘individual’ with their information. However, by making it easier for professionals to use TAMVOES, it benefits the individual, giving them more access to all their important information.

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