TAMVOES Health: Premium Launch

TAMVOES Health: Premium Launch

Today we have some exciting news to share! We have just launched TAMVOES Premium onto the live site. Alongside this, we are introducing three brand new features: the Personal Data Trust, a file storage system, the Calendar and a Medical Information Search Feature. Our team has been hard at work developing our site and we are excited to finally share the news.

In this edition we will explore the aspects of TAMVOES Premium, discover the new site features and discuss our new COVID information search engine that we have developed with Blockchain Guru. Coming soon we will be introducing the Professional Site, currently in the testing phase. Our goal is to continuously improve to make important documentation storage easier and more accessible. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the TAMVOES team as we are eager to share them!

New TAMVOES Premium

We are excited to finally announce the launch of TAMVOES Premium! With this subscription, individuals will have access to TAMVOES’ Premium features which include;

Additional dependant profiles: With this feature an individual can have control over more than 1 dependant account. This addition will make it easier than ever to manage you and your loved one’s information all in one convenient location.

Extra storage on your Personal Data Trust: The Personal Data Trust is a brand-new feature within TAMVOES. It is a web-based document storage hub where anything such as medical records or legal documents can be securely stored, backed by MedStack privacy. Read more about the Personal Data Trust in our new features section.

Graphically displayed vital tracking: Make it easier to monitor changing trends in your vitals and predict irregularities by comparing your data over time. With TAMVOES Premium a graphical display of past vital information is generated upon input.

Unlimited Journal Event Sharing: Have various events, appointments, or notes that need to be shared with your contacts? With Premium, the Journal allows for unlimited event sharing so you can keep your contacts updated with your changing schedule.

Medical Information Search: Make sure you are receiving accurate information from your search results. Our search feature only provides results from high quality medical sources using professional databases and artificial intelligence.

For $10.99 CAD per month, get access to all of these features through TAMVOES Premium. We are continually adding new features that you will gain unlimited access to, through a Premium account.

New Features: Personal Data Trust & Calendar

The Personal Data Trust mentioned in the Premium account description, is the first of 3 new features launching today. It will act as a secure file storage for any important documentation. It’s a great place to keep all the information gathered from your professional team, whether that be your medical professional, lawyer, or specialist. This storage system can be accessed anytime, so you always have your documentation on hand whenever you may need it.

Another new tab you will notice on the website is the Calendar. Here you will be able to keep track of all your important events and share them with your loved ones and professional team. The Calendar also acts as a documentation tool. For example, if you strained your back last week, you could input it into TAMVOES. Often these small issues can add up over time and create larger problems, so it is important to keep track of them. This Calendar feature will allow you to look back at past events to get a better picture of your holistic health over time, as well as schedule ahead for future needs.

COVID Information Search Feature

In other exciting news, we are working with Blockchain Guru on a COVID-19 information search. In the healthcare industry, there is a lot of false information that circulates the Internet. This search feature that we have developed alongside BCG only contains results from high quality medical sources. Using artificial intelligence and professional databases, this search ensures you are accessing relevant and accurate information. Specifically, with COVID-19, information circulates very quickly and most of it may not be true. To avoid this confusion, you can utilize our COVID search engine on our website today with a Premium Membership!

Do You Have a Health Care Directive?

COMING SOON: In our next blog post, we will be exploring Advance Directives in depth and why they’re so important to have. Allow your family to be prepared and make the hard decisions before they happen. Upload your advance directives into your Personal Data Trust through TAMVOES.

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