The Pros of Napping

The Pros of Napping

It is estimated that by the end of 2021 approximately 30% of the workforce will continue working from home multiple days a week. With the increase in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic companies have noticed an increase in productivity, but employees have also realized that they are having a harder time disconnecting from work and often work extra hours with little to no breaks throughout the day. If you are working from home and notice that you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional fatigue throughout a long day at work, a mid-day nap might be right for you!

Physical Benefits

Although working from home has seen the amount of productivity increase in businesses, it can also very easily lead to increased stress and burnout. This can ultimately lead to less (and lower quality) sleep which can cause daytime fatigue. If you find that taking small breaks throughout the day are not enough, this might be a sign that you should experiment with a short nap in the afternoon. A small 20-40 minute nap not only helps you catch up on some lost sleep, but also strengthens your immune system and helps your body recoup some energy for the rest of the day which can decrease your overall stress level.

Mental Benefits

Increased levels of stress caused from overworking have also been linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression amongst individuals. A short nap to break up your day, however, can boost your memory and ease stress. Furthermore a short nap can improve your body’s ability to weather stress, especially if you are experiencing less sleep to begin with. Napping has also been proven to increase cognitive flexibility, which is your brain’s ability to adapt to the different thinking processes that various tasks require, which helps you to make the best decisions possible.

Emotional Benefits

Burnout and fatigue from increased time spent thinking about work throughout the day can take a toll on your emotional health, and over time can build up to be crippling. A nap a day can help improve this too! Research has suggested that a short nap can actually improve emotional regulation and increase your ability to tolerate frustration. Even in people who are well-rested, naps can also greatly increase one’s mood throughout the day.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Rest

Although naps are great, it is very important to ensure you are getting the right types of rest. Did you know there are seven types of rest? That’s right, seven! In order to ensure your body remains in tip top shape physically, mentally, and emotionally you must make sure you are getting enough physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, creative, and sensory rest.

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