Say Hello To New Features!

Say Hello To New Features!

There has been a lot of growth at TAMVOES over the past few months, and we’d love to point out some of the newest and most notable features available for you to use now on the TAMVOES Professional platform.

Chat Integration

Are you looking for an easy and accessible way to chat with your clients and employees? This is it! We are happy to announce that TAMVOES Pro now supports chat and video calls between clients and professionals as well as between employees.

We know that security is a huge area of concern when it comes to virtual communication between providers and their patients, because of this we partnered with Blackberry Spark – leaders in cyber security – to ensure that all messages sent through the TAMVOES platform are completely protected and secure from cyber threats. This means that you can chat or call with clients and employees whenever and from wherever you would like, without ever having to worry about information being compromised. You now have the chance to try it for free when you sign up for a 1 month free trial on the professional platform. Head on over to the Professional Platform, to get started!

Calendar Integrations

It is now possible to easily sync your TAMVOES Pro calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, as well as Apple Mac OSX and iOS calendars.

Keep all of your calendars synced and up to date with this feature and worry less about scheduling and coordinating! With native integrations to the calendar you can now import all of your existing events, meetings, and activities directly into your TAMVOES Pro account. To see how to do this yourself in only a few clicks head on over to the calendar and click the Sync button, then the question mark for more information.

Keep up to date with all of the developments coming our way in the coming months on the TAM-VIEWS blog – your professional update of TAMVOES news. We are excited for all of the new things that are still coming our way this year! For any questions or inquires please email.

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