New Year, New Healthier You!

New Year, New Healthier You!

The new year brings new opportunities for you to improve yourself in all parts of your life. Why not start with the most important aspect: HEALTH

TAMVOES is here to help! We have made organizing and managing health more convenient with our release of the TAMVOES app!

On-The-Go Access

Now with the mobile app, check or update you or your dependents appointments, health records, vitals, and more on the go! No more lugging around your stacks of health documents, when you can access them from your pocket. 

Not only is it easier to check your health profile, but uploading, viewing, and sharing documents is even more convenient at the touch of a finger! Save proofs of vaccinations, health documents, and more to your device to reduce physical clutter.

My Team

Doctors appointment can be frustrating-relaying information from different specialists to family doctors, or syncing up results with a family member. TAMVOES lets you create a team to seamlessly access and share health documents and information with your team members of family and health professionals. 

This means accessible notes and events from health professionals or family members on the go- at soccer practice, at work, or even in the waiting room at the doctors office.

Multiple Dependants

When managing the health of your family members or patients, it can be hard to keep track of each individual’s health care needs.

Our co-founder Jessica was inspired to create TAMVOES through her experience in being a caregiver for her mother and grandmother, while caring for her children. With multiple dependents to take care of, TAMVOES takes the difficulty and chaos out of documentation, management, and repetitive relaying.  

Make separate accounts for children or patients to manage and get notified of their health profiles, vitals, documents, calendars and more!

A new you shouldn’t have to rely on old measures to oversee health updates. Make managing you and your dependents’ health easier. Download the TAMVOES app on IOS for free here!

Do you have a story you would like to share on Talkative? Send us a submission! And if you haven’t already, make sure you signup for a free TAMVOES account so you can get started on tracking all of your vitals to stay up to date with your health as it changes. Learn more on the TAMVOES platform.

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