Apple Integration Is Here!

Apple Integration Is Here!

We’re always striving to bring more to your TAMVOES health journey, that’s why we are proud to announce our new Apple Integration! You can now now import vitals from Apple Health to your TAMVOES account, allowing concise readings, shareable results, and data you can view anywhere.

So what can you track with this integration?

1. Heart Rate

For those who experience heart concerns, getting a read on your heart rate throughout the day can make all the difference when identifying trends and finding life-threatening anomalies. Share these vitals with your team to keep them in the loop and aware of your condition.

2. Blood Pressure

Keeping tabs on high and low blood pressure is essential, especially for those who have a loved one who is risk inclined. Being able to share blood pressure results with families, caregivers, or healthcare professionals is definitely a stress-reliever.

3. Respiratory Rate

Whether you’re importing stats from your Apple watch or logging them in manually, tracking your respiratory rate can be an identifier on how your organ system is functioning.

So what are you waiting for? Expand on your own health literacy and try 30 days of Apple Health Integration for FREE!

We’re constantly developing our platform and integrations, stay in touch with us to get updated!

Do you have a story you would like to share on Talkative? Send us a submission! And if you haven’t already, make sure you signup for a free TAMVOES account so you can get started on tracking all of your vitals to stay up to date with your health as it changes. Learn more on the TAMVOES platform.

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