How Empowering Patients Can Help Providers

How Empowering Patients Can Help Providers

As a healthcare practitioner, you know that patient preparedness means easier communication. Guiding your patients to develop health literacy is not only beneficial for their understanding, but also allows for a smoother interaction during appointments.

At TAMVOES, our goal is to lead individuals to learn more about their present health, and to take action for their future health. Our new mobile health app now allows everyone to do so in the most convenient way.

1. By Vital Tracking

Having your patient log their vitals is an important step to preparedness. Now with more accessibility to their TAMVOES profile through their phone, they can track vitals on-the-go, resulting in a more accurate depiction of their daily health. With shared access through My Teams, you can visualize and identify where their levels fluctuate, resulting in a quicker diagnosis or projecting future health issues.

2. Through My Journal

Patients who jot down notes on their symptoms, concerns or even past notes from appointments can also help their organization. Time spent at appointments can be eaten up by patients through disorganized thoughts, incorrect memories of medications or forgetting what to ask. Guiding the patient to start making an agenda of sorts to use when meeting up will help you both use the appointment efficiently.

So why not make you and your patients lives more convenient? Sign up and download the app for free here.

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