TAMVOES Announces Integration Partnership with PointClickCare To Empower Long-Term Care

TAMVOES Announces Integration Partnership with PointClickCare To Empower Long-Term Care

The healthcare industry is one of the most important and dynamic industries in Canada, yet it faces a serious problem: continuity of information. TAMVOES, the family health management platform, has partnered with the popular PointClickCare electronic medical record (EMR) system to solve the informational problem that exists for long-term care residents, bringing their families, doctors, and facilities closer to their healthcare journey.

PointClickCare is one of the largest EMRs in the long-term care business, with over 27,000 facilities using it to access, manage, and share patient information internally. If you have a family member or relative who is currently in a long-term care facility, they are most likely using PointClickCare. This system has been successful in connecting long-term care facilities with their residents to provide a better experience, but more connections are needed to provide the same information seamlessly to all parties involved such as the family, hospital, or external physician.

With TAMVOES’ PointClickCare integration, called Aging Care Connect, doctors and families can now securely view medical history such as test results, surgery records, and x-rays of the long-term care resident directly from PointClickCare’s system in their TAMVOES patient portal if the facility is a vendor. This newest integration aims to triangulate a patient’s healthcare information with all parties involved in the care process, which further streamlines the data-gathering process for doctors and creates a more empowering experience for long-term care residents.

“Seamless communication between TAMVOES and PointClickCare brings us one step closer to solving the biggest problem in the healthcare system by essentially creating one version of the truth” says TAMVOES founder Jessica Lunshof. “Now, doctors don’t have to go through the hurdle of requesting information from the specific facility, instead, they can grab it from the TAMVOES platform instantly and start working. Connecting separated systems brings us one step further to solving the problem so that we can speed up healthcare delivery across the board.” 

As it exists today, health care facilities operate under separated systems, slowing down care-coordination with administrative barriers. Doctors are spending 18.5 million hours annually on unnecessary administrative work which is equal to 55.6 million patient visits (CBC, 2023). This barrier hinders the average doctor’s ability to provide care for patients and prohibits the families from being informed on their loved one’s health, which is especially difficult for the long-term care residents who rely on their medical information on a regular basis. Coordinating care efficiently will be especially important to support Canada’s aging population, which is expected to grow by 49% to 10.93 million in 2042 (The Hub, 2022).

With more access to health information and by taking a proactive approach to health, it is possible for Canadians to support seniors more effectively and mitigate risks in a crisis scenario.

To start taking a proactive approach to you or your loved one’s health, visit tamvoes.com to sign up for a free account and start building your integrated health profile today.

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