The Professional Search is Here!

by TAMVOES in on As a health professional have you ever wanted to find more clients, be more visible for clients to find you, and be able to quickly and easily show clients that you’re reliable and trustworthy? The TAMVOES Professional Search is the answer! What Is The Professional Search? The TAMVOES Professional Search is … Continue reading The Professional Search is Here!

Caregiver Guilt: What It Is?

by Rishawn Dindial in on Caregivers often believe they are not doing enough for their loved one, which results in feelings of guilt. Caregiver guilt can manifest in a variety of ways for several different reasons, depending on the individual and their circumstances. Luckily there are also several coping strategies that can help to manage … Continue reading Caregiver Guilt: What It Is?

At 11 Years Old, I Was Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease

by Surakhsha S in on I had an eventful childhood, some parts were worse than others but nevertheless I grew up a happy child. I did well in school, had great friends and enjoyed life. Then I started getting ill at 9 years old, the odd stomach ache would appear here and there and mouth … Continue reading At 11 Years Old, I Was Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease

From Diagnosis to Passing — Losing My Oma

by Jordan L in on On December 25th 2016, my Oma was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, one of the rarest forms of cancers. 1 in 132 diagnosed with cancer will be diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and, out of those, only 50% will survive the maximum 5 year life expectancy. Watching a loved one battle cancer … Continue reading From Diagnosis to Passing — Losing My Oma

Why “Coming Out” Is Never Ending

by Abby Howard in on While attending Catholic school from kindergarten to grade 12, there was a large part of me that always suppressed the questions I had about my sexuality due to way the LGBTQ+ community was perceived by the Catholic church, the staff/students at my school, and society. I always felt different, but … Continue reading Why “Coming Out” Is Never Ending