How Empowering Patients Can Help Providers

As a healthcare practitioner, you know that patient preparedness means easier communication. Guiding your patients to develop health literacy is not only beneficial for their understanding, but also allows for a smoother interaction during appointments. At TAMVOES, our goal is to lead individuals to learn more about their present health, and to take action for … Continue reading How Empowering Patients Can Help Providers

What is HIPAA Compliance?

by Balaji Gopalan in on HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. HIPAA is a regulation created by the Department of Health and Human Services that governs how all health data is protected, whether that be digital health data, physical health data, or health information. At its core, HIPAA emphasizes that the ultimate owner of … Continue reading What is HIPAA Compliance?

The Professional Search is Here!

by TAMVOES in on As a health professional have you ever wanted to find more clients, be more visible for clients to find you, and be able to quickly and easily show clients that you’re reliable and trustworthy? The TAMVOES Professional Search is the answer! What Is The Professional Search? The TAMVOES Professional Search is … Continue reading The Professional Search is Here!

Advance Directives – Why You Need to Have One

by Rukia Mire in on In case of a medical emergency, have you spoken to your loved ones about advance directives? Although a difficult topic, it is very important to have your wishes in place before an emergency happens. Continue reading to learn more about advance directives and why it’s important for you and your … Continue reading Advance Directives – Why You Need to Have One